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    Quotation form Order form

    Please indicate desired parts.

      Pair of scoops                 500.00     
      Pair of side masks             300.00     
      Tank hood                      590.00     
      Back hull                      990.00     
      Back hull Aerox               1080.00     
      Back hull Aerox with signals  1280.00     
      Motor Shoe                     590.00     
      Radiator mask                  300.00     
    Port cost:                          
    TOTAL AMOUNT                       

    For the countries where port costs are not indicated in the page of the prices, please send to us, by E-mail or FAX, this page by specifying "Quotation form". The same if you want to buy several parts. We will answer you by return.

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    We need your E-mail or your Fax to answer your request for quotation, to confirm your order and confirm you our sending of your parts. We will not communicate to anybody your E-mail.

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    If you pay by check: fill in, print out and send this form by mail with your payment.
    If you pay by credit transfer: fill in, print out and send this form by mail or fax or E-Mail.
    If you pay by credit card: fill in, print out, sign, and send this form by mail or fax. In this case, for security reason do not use E-Mail

    Address for Mail
        ACT Composites
        42, route de Satigny
        1217 MEYRIN / Switzerland

    FAX Number:   + 41 22 341 41 80
    E-Mail adress:   act@geneva-link.ch

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